Dr. Jeffry Popham, D.C.



​Samantha A.
Cedar Park, TX      1/27/2016

I have been seeing Dr. Popham since 1996 and he has been a blessing not only to myself but to my family and many friends that I have referred.  

 I first went to see Dr. Popham when I was 3 months pregnant with my first child and my back had gone out from an old injury.  Not only did he and his wife go out of their way to take care of me that day and throughout my pregnancy, they have continued to take care of me and both of my children.  My kids have been seeing Dr. Popham & his wife since they were babies and they are awesome with them.  

We drive in from Cedar Park and all of my friends that are now patients drive in from Austin and Georgetown.  The drive is well worth it and the care is unbeatable!  Mrs. Popham always does what she can to fit you in to the schedule and always calls you back as soon as they have an opening.  

They are both extremely friendly and go out of their way to make sure you have excellent care and service.  To top it off, they are very affordable and deal with many different insurance companies or will take cash payments.  If you're looking for a great Chiropractor, you've found him!

Tom R.
Austin, TX         1/27/2016

Dr. Popham and his wife/office manager/therapist are a great team !!

Thirty years ago I started seeing my first chiropractor because of work related back and neck injuries.  I worked a physically demanding job for which I sacrificed my body.  The job did keep me in shape...but I paid a high price for it.

In 1984 we moved our family to a new suburb.  Here I found Dr. Popham's practice.  Throughout all these years I have needed his expertise to keep me out of pain and able to live a full active life.  Surgery is always a LAST resort in my book and the good Doctor has been able to buy me additional time.  I know his work has kept me healthy enough to avoid otherwise certain surgeries.

To this day if I do not see the Doctor on at least a quarterly basis my aches and pains remind me that I am overdue for a tuneup !  When I see them on a routine basis my body stays pain free.

They are the most friendly and compassionate people I have every met.  His approach to healing is conservative and effective. You NEVER feel rushed during an office visit.

He is a good listener and is sure to ask all the right questions before beginning adjustments.  He and his wife take all the time needed to locate, treat, and repair your immediate and long term needs.

This is an experience I have seen slowly go away with my other Doctors over the years.  I have made it a priority of mine to use "word of mouth" type recommendations (good and bad) of my life experiences to my friends and acquaintances ... especially the GOOD ones.  Not enough of this is shared these days.

It "pays it forward" when a more of this happens.
Long ago someone did this for me regarding the Pophams and I continue to recommend them anytime I hear someone in need of relief.

Sharon T.
Austin, TX             1/27/2016

I have been a patient of Dr. Popham for over 20 years. Dr. Popham ranks #1 in my book, and I have seen a lot of chiropractors in my lifetime. He is kind, professional and always willing to spend time listening to my aches and pains. I have always felt he is more knowledgeable than most, and has helped me with my back and neck problems. I have trusted him with my children, my nephews, and I am quick to recommend him to my friends, coworkers and extended family. 

His wife manages the office and is always kind and welcoming. She also assists him with ultrasound therapy and other duties. The doctors treatment and her therapy are a complete package. I feel they are part of my extended family. Out of 5 stars, I give them 20! They also accept Medicare and other insurance. They are a blessing to our community.


Debbie W.
Austin, TX            1/28/2016

I have been going to Popham Chiropractic for 15 years and they are simply the best.  Dr. Popham is one of the few completely honest doctors that will figure out what is wrong and refer you to someone else if your problem needs a different treatment.  How many chiropractors  will do that?  All of my children see Dr. Popham.

I have always been seen the next day, or in some cases the same day.  Their office is a family run business and they treat the patients like family, too.  They are extremely reasonable in price and it is always less expensive to go to them first, than to see a doctor, who refers you to a specialist, which means 2 doctor copays, paying for the x-ray, etc. etc.  I cannot say enough about this very special practice.  I highly recommend Dr. Popham and his staff.

Katy B.
Austin, TX           1/25/2016

Dr. Popham is my father, so disregard this review if you like... but, consider reading this quick bit of info first because I can tell you the facts and the facts are good! 

Reason #1: Dr. Popham is incredibly affordable. If you need proof, just call to get a price quote. Really. 

Reason #2: He genuinely wants to help you.  In addition to chiropractic services, the office sells supplemental products (like back braces, ointments, ice packs, etc. for those who need them).  All of these supplemental products at the wholesale price.  That is, they are not making a profit on these at all.   Why?  Because they actually want you to have access to the products that will heal you, just like they actually want you to have access to affordable chiropractic treatment. 

Reason #3: Dr. Popham will make sure you are doing well. He will work on you for twice the time of your allotted appointment if you need it.  His wife, who is trained in ultrasound for muscle easement will provide you with ultrasound services on-the-spot if the doctor thinks you need it; you don't even have to have requested/scheduled this service beforehand.  They will fit it in.  On top of that, they will set you up with ice packs, ointments, xrays, and whatever you need... and if you get home and then feel like something isn't right, you can just go right back up there. 

That leads to reason #4: If you need to see Dr. Popham, he will do everything he can to see you.  This is not the kind of place where you call and have to make an appointment a month out, or even days out... they will get you in.

Finally, Dr. Popham has been in the business for approximately 30 years, so he knows what he's doing.  He'll provide you the service you need, for a very affordable price, and get you on your way. He's also just a fun-loving, goofy guy.  Liberty Hill may be a bit of a drive for some of you, but if you end up visiting Dr. Popham, you'll find that the service and price are worth it.  You may think I'm biased, but really I have almost 30 years of experience watching Dr. Popham treat people right.  Try him! It really will be a blessing to your life.

Anna V.
Leander, TX        12/29/2012

I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was feeling very nervous. However, putting off the pain in my neck was causing many sleepless nights. I went to see Dr. Popham yesterday because he was highly recommended to me; and I am SO glad I went. He was very genuine and friendly. He took time and listened and made sure to explain everything he was going to do. His wife works the front desk and she was equally as fantastic! She did an ultra sound on my neck-VERY relaxing!

Next time I am feeling pain, I will not put it off. Dr. Popham and his wife provided great relief and I slept wonderfuly last night.

I highly recommended Dr. Popham to anyone searching for a chiropractor!

Kimberly R.          1/27/2016

Dr. Popham and Mrs. Popham are both very welcoming, friendly, and always do their best to fit me into their schedule. Dr. Popham has helped my back so much, and his wife Peggy has helped me almost eliminate my bursitis in my shoulder, through ultrasound therapy. I've been seeing them both for over 17 years, and I really appreciate their professionalism and the kindness they show me when I go see them.

Joe M.
Leander, TX       1/30/2016

Popham Chiropractic services include Full Licensed Chiropractic, 30 years experience, 28 years supporting the Liberty Hill community, X-Ray, and Ultrasound Therapy.

They recognize most, if not all, insurance carriers.  And their accounting and patient management is superior.

The receptionist, Dr. Popham's  wife Peggy, treats every patient as if their only patient. Her ultrasound massage is experienced, smooth, relaxing, and invigorating.  They make time for their patients ever-changing needs and create time for new patients emergencies. Popham Chiropractic is a superior first choice and an excellent last resort.

My visits to Peg and Jeff are always relieving and lasting, something akin to visiting a family member.